Who's Who



Below are a list of the people who can be found at The Historic Cotton Mill Studios. Press on the links in their bios for more information.


the asheville guitar bar

Located on the first floor of the Historic Cotton Mill Studios, The Asheville Guitar Bar is an intimate music venue for musicians to play, network and compose. 

They are open daily from 5pm - 10pm. 

For a schedule of performances please visit them on Facebook.


andy herod

Andy is a self taught illustrator, painter and print-maker from the USA. He's fueled by coffee and the promise of great adventure. His studio is located on the second floor.

For more information about Andy please visit his website.


the art of ka amorastreya

Through her art, Ka Amorastreya weaves spirit and matter into the multidimensional tapestry with continuous threads of elegance and care. As she paints visions of transformation, the celebration of beauty and Divine love, she also embodies these qualities through dance, offering prayers to illuminate universal interconnection, global mending, and the sacredness of life. Dancing in her angelic wings and feathered regalia, Ka wishes to open a portal of healing, so that every heart who witnesses may receive the gift of beauty and experience the profound inspiration of love and creativity.

For more information about Ka visit her website